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"Douche chill" is an exclamation calling attention to the embarrassment of someone who has brought ill consequences on themselves.
Typically annunciated an octave or two higher than one’s normal speaking voice and drawing out the “L” sound in “chill.”




"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for I carry the baddest fucking pistol John Moses Browning could design" - Unknown

The 1911. HEAVY AF

my day on twitter. a brief roundup of how my day went.


Hi i am a producer am i am have made technos for 20 (twenty) years long. Hardstyle is most complex genre because of the notes. And the kick. first hardstyle kick ever invented by Benny Benasi in 1986 in Tripoli. Then scooter invented rave. since rave. hardstyle has been complicated and takes…

Mac Miller got 1000000000x better! Good job big dude

Anonymous asked: i love the music you post! do you spin yourself?

Yes I do spin. I’ve only spun a few parties, but I’d love to get some legit gigs.