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The Women Warriors of Syria

  • Rana, 20 years old, student. Rana, a member of the only all-female fighting unit of the Free Syrian Army, standing inside a secret command outpost in the city of Aleppo says: “What choice do we have?”
  • Om Ahmad, 72 years old, housewife with 3 children: “My house in Dar’a was destroyed by 2 bombs…I moved to Aleppo with my family, I chose to pick up a weapon and fight the regime.”
  • Ali, 16 years old, student: “The West sees no problem in Syria, while we beg for their support, our children, friends and family are being punished, for no reason.”
  • Om Faraj, 30 years old housewife, no children: “Being mistreated by a regime security guard in front of my husband was the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to my family, I picked up a weapon, I joined the fight.”
  • Benifet Ikhla, 27 years old, widow with 6 children: “I fight for life and freedom, I fight to prove that woman and man are equal.”
  • Khansa, 42 years old, married, howsewife with 7 children: “I feel optimistic, we will defeat the regime, put an end to poverty and mistreatment.”
  • Amal, 30 years old, married, housewife with 3 children: “I’m sincere to God, that is all I need and want, the rest will come with time.”
  • Fadwa, 20 years old, widow with 3 children: “My husband died on the front lines, I will die on the front lines, may God help us.”

(Photos: Sebastiano Tomada / Sipa USA)


Tickets bought. DGAF

Tickets bought. DGAF


"Douche chill" is an exclamation calling attention to the embarrassment of someone who has brought ill consequences on themselves.
Typically annunciated an octave or two higher than one’s normal speaking voice and drawing out the “L” sound in “chill.”